Connection of water separator

1. It is best to run the water pipe on top and not on the ground, because the water pipe is installed on the ground and has to bear the pressure of the tiles and people on it, which may cause the risk of stepping on the water pipe. In addition, the advantage of walking the roof is that it is convenient for maintenance. That is, the cost is very high, and most people don’t use it;

2. The depth of the grooved water pipe, the ash layer after the cold water pipe is buried should be greater than 1 cm, and the ash layer after the hot water pipe is buried should be greater than 1.5 cm;

3. The hot and cold water pipes should follow the principle of hot water on the left side and cold water on the right side;

4. PPR hot-melt pipes are generally used for water supply pipes. The advantage is that they have good sealing properties and quick construction, but workers must be reminded not to be too rushed. In the case of improper force, the pipe may be blocked and the water flow may be reduced. If it is a toilet flushing If this happens to the valve water pipe, the bedpan will not be flushed clean;


5. After the water pipes are laid and before the grooves are sealed, they must be fixed with pipe clamps. The distance between the cold water pipe clamps is not more than 60 cm, and the distance between the hot water pipe clamps is not more than 25 cm;

6. The spacing of horizontal pipe clamps, the spacing of cold water pipe clamps is not more than 60 cm, and the spacing of hot water pipe clamps is not more than 25 cm;

7.The height of the installed hot and cold water pipe heads should be on the same level. Only in this way can the hot and cold water switches be installed in the future to be beautiful.

Precautions for installation of brass manifold:

1. Do not hit, knock the ground or wedge any sharp objects on the ground. The underfloor heating pipe laid under the ground is only about 3-4cm away from the floor surface. If you do not pay attention to it, it is easy to damage the underfloor heating pipe;

2. Try not to make large-area decorations on the floor, and do not place legless furniture, so as to avoid reducing the effective heat dissipation area and the flow of hot air, which will reduce the thermal effect;

3. Ordinary foam and plastic products are not placed on the floor. Because of the poor thermal conductivity of these items, it is easy to cause heat accumulation, and it is easy to produce harmful gases under the action of long-term high temperature, which endangers the health of residents;

4.At the same time, try to use marble, floor tiles or flooring together.

Post time: Sep-22-2021